Phoebe (S8p4)
Phoebe Halliwell
Biographical information

November 2, 1975[1]
1329 Prescott Street,[2] San Francisco


Married, once divorced


Queen of the Underworld (formerly)

Physical description




Hair colour
  • Brown
  • Blonde (dyed)
Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics
Active powers
Greatest fear
  • Losing a sister (overcome)
  • Falling in love with a demon (overcome)
  • Being evil (overcome)
  • Wyatt and Chris being in danger
"Caring, funny, talented. [...] She's ethereal, you know? Rose petal lips, slender neck, fiery, passionate eyes. And when she laughs, I mean, doesn't that just make you feel like you can fly?"
Coop on Phoebe[src]

Phoebe Halliwell (b. November 2, 1975[1]) was a witch and Charmed One, daughter of Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell, younger sister of Prue and Piper and half-sister to Paige Matthews. She was raised, with her powers bound, with her elder sisters at Halliwell Manor by their grandmother following Patty's death and Victor's departure. Phoebe graduated at Baker High School, but dropped out of San Francisco Community College to search for her father in New York following her grandmother's death.

Bankrupt and jobless, Phoebe returned to San Francisco after six months, moving back in with her sisters. There, she found the Halliwell Book of Shadows and unbound hers and her sisters' powers. Unlike her sisters, Phoebe initially embraced her new identity as a witch, frequently using magic for her own personal gain. However, after Prue's death and the discovery of Paige, Phoebe was forced to become the middle sister and to help mentor Paige. She also returned to college to study psychology, and was hired to replace Karen Young as the advice columnist at The Bay Mirror, which earned Phoebe something of a celebrity status.

She had a controversial relationship with Cole Turner, which resulted in a marriage and divorce before his vanquish in an alternate reality. After a brief, failed marriage with Dex Lawson, Phoebe finally met and married Coop, who took her surname. The two had three daughters, the eldest of which were named Prudence Johnna and Parker. She later authored a bestselling self-help book on finding love, which became the focus of her column.



"What's that about love in a backseat? Because Mom, Dad, your birth. That's sort of how you were."
Prue on Phoebe's conception[src]
Phoebe (1-year-old)

Phoebe at almost fourteen months old.

Phoebe was born on November 2, 1975[1] to Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell at 1329 Prescott Street, which caused a connection between her and the spiritual nexus beneath the house.[2] When she was born, she gave her mother a premonition of her hugging her three eldest daughters as adults,[4] though shortly afterwards her powers were bound so as to keep them safe from Nicholas.[5] She was Victor and Patty's third child, and was named after one of her great-aunts.[6]

Shortly after her birth, Phoebe was taken to a hospital, where she was weighed as being six pounds and four ounces and said to be "very" healthy.[7]

Phoebe and her two elder sisters — Prue and Piper — were raised on Prescott Street by their mother and father, though their maternal grandmother, Penny, was also a presence in their lives, having helped raise the elder two for several months while Victor was absent. Phoebe learnt to swim before she could walk, causing Victor to liken her to a fish.[8]

In 1977, Victor and Patty divorced, Victor moving to New York. By this point, Patty was pregnant with a fourth child, the result of her affair with Sam Wilder. However, Phoebe and her sisters were too young to recognise the signs of pregnancy, and simply believed that their mother had put on weight.[9]

Following Patty's deathEdit

Penny and Phoebe photo

Phoebe with Penny.

Patty: "I was never there to comfort you. I died before you even knew me."
Phoebe: "Some nights I just wanted you to hold me."
— Phoebe speaking with her mother[src]

During the summer of 1978, Patty was killed by the Water Demon at Camp Skylark, where Prue and Piper had been attending — Phoebe was too young.[10] As Phoebe was under three years old, she did not have any memories of her mother.[11] She and her sisters were present at Patty's funeral, after which Penny took them to the beach in an attempt to cheer them up.[12]

Phoebe and her sisters were then brought up at their childhood home by Victor and Penny, who frequently argued about their upbringing and if their powers should ever be unbound. Despite the suspension of their powers, the sisters befriended a fairy named Lily, and at least Prue had seen trolls.

Shortly after Patty's death, on Piper's birthday, Victor and Penny argued following a demon attack, which resulted in Victor leaving for New York. Victor would sometimes send Phoebe and her sisters birthday cards, though not every year,[13] and once sent Phoebe a photo album for Christmas.[14]

Phoebe and her sisters were friends with Lyssa Ainsley and several children who lived in the house opposite theirs, "basically growing up" with them.[15] They presumably attended the same school, where Phoebe was once Student of the Month.[16]

Visit to the futureEdit

Future-Phoebe: "Phoebe, listen to me. I know that this is scary, but I promise you you are safe here in this house. In your house. Our house. You know how Grams talks about magic all the time? And she likes to say anything's possible as long as you believe in it?"
Phoebe: "Yes."
Future-Phoebe: "Well, that's what happened. Magic brought you here, to your future."
— Phoebe speaking with her future-self[src]
Phoebes with album

Phoebe and her future-self looking at their photo album.

In 1985 or '86, Phoebe was brought to the year 2002 by a spell cast by her future-self intended to supply an answer as to whether or not she should marry Cole Turner. Phoebe was confused as to where she was and how she got in the attic, which Penny had claimed was sealed off. Her future-self eventually told her that she had travelled forwards in time, and told her who she, future-Piper, Cole and Leo Wyatt were, while claiming that future-Paige was Patty's niece. To prove to Phoebe that they were one in the same, her future-self showed her the photo album that Victor had sent to her one Christmas.

While being looked after by Cole, Kurzon attacked, causing Phoebe to faint. When she was conscious again, Leo orbed her to the Upper Regions for her own safety, given that she was now Kurzon's target. The two later returned to the manor, only to find that the elderly Phoebe was dying. Her last words meant that the spell was no longer required, and Phoebe was returned home. Future-Piper guessed that Penny would have erased her memories of her time in the future the moment that she started talking about magic.

Teenage yearsEdit

Phoebe teen

Phoebe during her teenage years.

"It's just that Phoebe tended to hang out with the bad boy crowd. You know, anything to piss off Grams. [...] I think she missed Mom in her life more than Prue or I did. And the more Grams tried to control her, the more she became rebellious."
—Piper on Phoebe[src]

Phoebe began attending Baker High School around September, 1987. At the age of fifteen, feeling that she needed money, she got a job handing out balloons to children while dressed in a penguin costume.[3] Due to how Penny tried to control her, Phoebe became rebellious, befriending the troublemaker Rick Gittridge, as well as Ramona Shaw and Todd Marks, with whom she had a sexual relationship. She and Todd once broke into the principal's office to make out on his desk.

Phoebe was quite unpopular with many other girls, including Paula, because of her attitude and habit of stealing boyfriends. After she and Todd were found making out under the bleachers during a homecoming game, she was nicknamed "Freebie", a name that greatly annoyed and angered her.[17] Her gym teacher, Hickock, attempted to give her advice, but Phoebe never took it.[18]

Phoebe was once jailed for shoplifting, which she would later refer to as simply "acting out".[19] She dropped smoke bombs during pep rallies, which she hated,[20] and she and her friends would often play tricks on Ramona, such as when Phoebe locked her in her car at the local country club so that she and Todd could make out on the golf course.[21]

College and Penny's deathEdit

Following her graduation, Phoebe was accepted at San Francisco Community College.

Life in New YorkEdit

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