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Magic School

Winterbourne: "These children are the cradle of good magic, its entire future. Without proper guidance, nurturing, they can easily be turned -"
Piper Halliwell: "Evil?"
Winterbourne: "*Sigh* Yeah."
— Mrs. Winterbourne and Piper Halliwell.[src]

Mrs. Winterbourne (fl. 20042009) was a witch and nursery teacher at Magic School. She possessed the active power of astral projection, which she taught to the librarian, Donovan.

During her career, she evaded the Headless Horseman, helped Piper Halliwell during her second pregnancy, took care of Wyatt and Chris Halliwell, and evacuated students before the Source of All Evil could arrive at the school in golem form.


Early life Edit

As a witch, Mrs. Winterbourne presumably had at least one magical parent, and married a man with the name of Winterbourne at some point.

She possessed, or was taught, the active power of astral projection, and was presumably able to cast spells, make potions, and scry.

Career at Magic SchoolEdit

At some point prior to 2004, Winterbourne was hired by Gideon as the nursery teacher at Magic School. She took this job in order to keep them from turning evil, as young witches are susceptible to being swayed either way.

Teaching in a classroom off of the endless hallway, Mrs. Winterbourne seemed to enjoy her job. She was careful about what she said in front of her students, not wanting to frighten them and saying that, although they had powers, they were still innocent.

Headless Horseman ordealEdit

Leonardo Wyatt: "How'd you get away?"
Winterbourne: "I astral projected. Confused him, I guess, by creating two of me, thank god."
— Mrs. Winterbourne on her near-miss with the Headless Horseman.[src]

In 2004, the Headless Horseman was conjured, in secret, by Zachary, who made him target teachers. The Horseman tried to behead Mrs. Winterbourne, but she astral projected, which confused by creating two of her, enabling her to escape.

At some point afterwards, Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt visited the nursery. Winterbourne told them about her close-shave with the Horseman, and told them that she believed she had been targeted by it because, without proper guidance, her pupils could easily be turned evil. The siren went off immediately afterwards, alerting everyone about the Horseman. Winterbourne was not targeted.

Caring for Piper HalliwellEdit

Magic School's closureEdit


Winterbourne packing away books.

Winterbourne: "We're packing up, closing down the school."
Paige Matthews: "What? Since when?"
Winterbourne: "Since Gideon died. Look, love him or hate him, he started this magic school and without him there's no one left to fight for it anymore."
Paige Matthews: "I'll fight for it."
Winterbourne: "Against the Elders? You don't stand a chance. No offence, but Gideon was the only one that could stand up to them and convince them he could keep it safe from demons discovering us, or mortals for that matter."
Paige Matthews: "Well, what about the next generation? Where are they gonna learn what needs to be learnt?"
Winterbourne: "I don't know."
— Mrs. Winterbourne talking to Paige.[src]

After Leo killed Gideon, Mrs. Winterbourne and the rest of the school were forced to pack everything away, as Gideon was the only one that could keep the school safe and, without him, the school had to close.

While Winterbourne was packing away books in the library, she was approached by Paige, who asked her why everyone was packing. After Winterbourne told her, Paige asked her to stop putting all the books away, as she needed them to try and expel Shakti and Shiva from Piper and Leo's bodies.

Paige later brought Wyatt and Chris to Mrs. Winterbourne, who looked after them in the nursery. The nursery teacher then escorted Paige to the library, where Piper was waiting for her. She then returned to her classroom.


After Paige helped keep the school open by convincing the Elders and becoming headmistress, Winterbourne went on a sabbatical.

At some point prior to this, she taught the librarian, Donovan, how to astral project to help her get the job of Literature teacher after Monkeyshines' death.[1]

The Source's attackEdit

"Mrs. Winterbourne is waiting with the kids at the portal."
Paige Matthews[src]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Mrs. Winterbourne was portrayed by Betsy Randle in all of her appearances.


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